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You have just found the easiest way to move ASCII serial data from a Barcode reader into a MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5, and SLC5/05 Allen Bradley PLC over EtherNet IP

Sure everyone offers ASCII to EtherNet IP gateways but nobody offers one like this. This is not just some off the shelf gateway this is an ASCII to PLC gateway. This gateway doesn’t just convert ASCII serial data to EtherNet IP. It converts the data and writes it directly into your Allen Bradley PLC. It’s so simple we guarantee it. If you don’t agree this is the easiest and quickest way to move barcode data into a PLC we will buy the unit back.

Let’s Go Over what makes our Barcode to PLC gateway the best around
First our barcode scanner gateway features simultaneous dual port functionality. That means you can connect two barcode readers to a PLC with one gateway. This may seem like a mess to program but it's not. In fact there is no ladder logic to program at all.

No Ladder Logic for the 435NBA
We take any data that is transmitted into our barcode to plc gateway and instantly send it directly to a tag or register in your PLC. The same principle is used when transmitting data from the PLC to the barcode scanner. As soon as we see barcode data or data from the PLC in the register of the Barcode to PLC Gateway we send it on its way. What could be simpler?

Simpler is better
Why wrestle with hours of programming and tedious ladder logic to integrate a simple gateway. Why deal with 50 additional features on a product you don’t need? Or pan through hundreds of pages of a manual just to get your unit configured? With our Barcode to PLC Gateway you don’t have to deal with any of those things. You can easily have our unit up and running in less than 5 minutes.

What Is So Special about our Barcode to PLC Gateway?
We open a connection with the PLC (Logix, PLC 5E, MicroLogix or SLC 5/05) and as soon as data is available we write it to a user-defined data table entry (string tag, numeric tag, string file, numeric file).

So what is so unique about that?
There is NO LADDER LOGIC. All the ladder does is wait around for the barcode, weigh scale, or other ASCII data to show up. In the tag or file, the data is received as a message length and data. Instead of adding the gateway to the scanlist and doing all the normal handshaking, the PLC programmer just waits for the length to go from zero to non-zero. Once the data is processed, the PLC programmer sets the length back to zero and just waits for the next data item to show up.

OK, what about ASCII data going out of the PLC?
Outgoing data works the same way. You setup an outgoing N7 register or tag and the gateway monitors the first register or first part of the tag for a non-zero length. As soon as the length becomes non-zero, the leading and termination characters are added to the data and it is sent out on one of the two serial ports. Once a message is sent out, the length is set to zero by the gateway and the PLC can insert the next message to go out.

Sample Application Drawing435NBA Diagram
Fig 1.1

Who is the typical customer for something like this?
Customers are anyone who uses a Rockwell PLC with barcode readers, weigh scales or other ASCII devices. Especially people who are using DeviceNet – these devices are much easier to setup and use than a DeviceNet ASCII gateway.

We support these Allen Bradley PLC’s:


When I order this a Barcode to PLC Gateway what is shipped with it?
RTA ships a CD with the manual with a couple of application files on it, a crossover Ethernet cable, a DB9 cable and the unit. In addition to the unit itself we have two different mounting styles, din rail and panel mount. We also have a desktop version that comes with its own power supply.

Bottom Line! If you need to move serial barcode data to Logix Programmable Controllers you now have an exceptional tool - a tool designed for this task and this task only. With simultaneous, bi-directional operation on two serial ports, you can double your efficiency at half the investment. Using unique Ethernet communications technology your data is transferred automatically without PLC intervention, not during some artificial network scan. And best of all, the EtherNet/IP Messenger operates in your world, using your programmable controller tags as the source and destination for your ASCII data.


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