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RTA's PLC to Ethernet gateways provide a seamless, easy to configure means of transferring serial data using EtherNet/IP connections on Rockwell Automation® PLCs.

The PLC to Ethernet Gateway gateways support Rockwell Automation Logix® family controllers (435NBA), PLC-5E® controllers (435NBP), and SLCTM and MicroLogixTM controllers (435 NBS). [TOP]
The PLC to Ethernet Gateway is 11 x 8 centimeters (4.2 x 3.1 inches). [TOP]
The PLC to Ethernet gateways are available in DIN rail or panel mount versions. The units also come in a desktop model. [TOP]
Use an internal web server to select configuration options. You don't need to install any software. [TOP]
The PLC to Ethernet Gateways support RS232, RS485 (half duplex), and RS422 (full duplex). The units' baud rates range from 300 to 115.2K using parity settings of even, odd, and none. [TOP]
No. The gateways ignore RTS, DTR, CTS, and all other RS232 handshake lines. [TOP]
DB9 male connecters send and receive data from up to two serial devices per gateway. The PLC to Ethernet gateway sends and receives the data over an Ethernet connection directly to the tag or register on the PLC. [TOP]
You can select either to buffer all data, or you can choose to buffer only the most current data. [TOP]
Any device that produces serial data will work with a PLC to Ethernet gateway. Some of the most commonly used devices include barcode scanners, weight scales, RF ID readers, displays, temperature monitors, and digital meters. [TOP]
Each gateway ships with a power plug, crossover cable (for initial configuration), and a CD containing the user manual and tools. Desktop models come with a power supply, while mounted models come with the appropriate hardware. [TOP]
A PLC to Ethernet gateway requires 12 VDC at 500ma (9-33 VDC). [TOP]
Over 2500 of RTA's PLC to Ethernet gateways are transferring data today. [TOP]
If the PLC to Ethernet gateway is in stock and you order before 1:00 p.m. Central Time (USA), you can receive it the next day. [TOP]
Payment in full is due within 30 days (net 30), or you can pay by credit card. [TOP]
RTA's PLC to Ethernet gateways are warranted to be free from defects and work properly for one year. [TOP]
Real Time Automation has been delivering highly tailored solutions for the industrial automation market for twenty years. They have become leaders in the market by delivering fast time to market, easy to implement, industry tested solutions to their customers. They run on a simple philosophy: Create solutions so easy to use that the hardest part of implementing them is opening the box. Each employee at Real Time Automation strives for that simple goal each day. [TOP]

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