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No Ladder Logic
  • True Gateway - Serial Tunneling is not supported by this device
  • Unique, Lightning fast technology for reading/writing ASCII data between logix tags and your serial devices
  • Lowest Latency Response of any Rockwell PLC Gateway. In fact since data moves automatically and instantly, it can't get lower!
  • Transfer Data independently to and from either serial port
  • Separate Logix read and write tages for each serial port
  • Only one rung of PLC Ladder Logic required - No message instructions
  • Simple, browser based configuration
  • Specially designed for ASCII/Logix communications - Custom versions available on Request
  • Use RS232 or RS485
  • Benefits
  • Single Product Family for all your PLC Communications Needs
  • Identical Support for all Rockwell Automation PLCs
  • An Optimized Solution for Transferring your Barcode and Scale data to a ControlLogix PLC
  • Reduce Your Investment by Networking two ASCII devices with a single module
  • Transfer data from both ASCII devices independently and simultaneously
  • Support lots of devices with vastly different ASCII data formats
  • No Lost Messages
  • Proven and reliable hardware platform
  • Transfer data with Little or No Latency
  • For more information:
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    E-mail: Real Time Automation Sales

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